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We serve a vast variety of industries through drone solutions. With knowledge and understanding of each industry, we are able to identify opportunities of efficiencies in the following:



We have many solutions that are applicable to farmers and growers seeking higher crop yield, better management of their assets and land, all in a more efficient manner.

To name a few: plant health monitoring, livestock management, soil & field analysis, beneficial insect application.


Construction applications include real-time site visual and progression monitoring, increased safety measures, topographic and 3D modeling for site planning, and inspections. Drone photography is also a great way to highlight and showcase completed projects.

Industrial Construction Site

Media & Marketing

Aerial photography and videography is taking the media and marketing world to new heights, quite literally. This content is ideally utilized in commercial real estate and land development to present property to investors or clients with compelling aerial videos and photos.  For example, drone footage can showcase your property's location, major access points, retailers, and parking accommodations. The media opportunities are endless!


Industrial sites are usually comprised of complex assets, equipment and structures. Inspection and monitoring by drone is a no-brainer when it comes to time efficiency and ability to capture detail from an aerial perspective.

Other industry applications: maintenance data, increased safety measures, inspections, inventory management and inspection, disaster preparedness survey and data collection

Wind Turbines
Photo Oct 07 2022, 12 44 37 PM (1).jpg

Architecture & Engineering

Data captured by drone can assist in optimizing time, effort, and accuracy of architecture and engineering projects. 

Industry applications: Land assessment, site inspections and monitoring, site modeling using drone photogrammetry

Don't see your industry listed?

We are committed to growing the opportunities and solutions that we can provide to our customers. If you think you have a problem that can be solved in partnership with Terravata, we want to talk to you!

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