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Take your business to higher ground.

Take a moment to imagine the possibilities.

We are a full-service drone company serving many industries with unique drone solutions, aimed to help you solve complex business challenges. We exist to help you take your business to higher ground. We are committed to providing you our unique skills and deliverables with efficiency and humble service. We will work together to help you find new solutions that will ultimately propel your company, and enrich your life. Are you ready to fly?  

Commercial Real Estate Media 

4K aerial photo and video footage, 360-degree panoramic images, full editing and processing

Agricultural Services

Livestock management, crop health reporting, field analysis, beneficial insect applications, irrigation management

Data Collection

Mapping, volumetrics, 2D & 3D modeling, inspections, surveyor data, construction site progress monitoring

Construction Site Monitoring

Progression monitoring, site planning & mapping, inspections, safety measures 

Window Washing

Soft washing windows, siding, and  elevated structures via drone

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